7 Tricks to Make Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

7 Tricks to Make your Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

Youtube Shorts are a really easy, amazing & fantastic way to grow on Youtube. This New Short video feature is in high demand due to its best performance. We can quickly get increased traffic, views & subscribers on our Youtube Chanel by making YouTube Shorts. So follow me till the end & I’ll teach you how you can make your youtube short viral & can get millions of views on your Youtube shorts & Chanel. 

What is a YouTube Short?

Youtube Shorts are a new video feature and format on YouTube. Now we can make short videos on youtube similar to TikTok videos and Instagram reels. The length of a youtube short could be Up to 60 seconds. We can get tons of views and subscribers by making our YouTube shorts viral in 2023.

7 Tricks to Make your Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023
7 Tricks to Make your Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

Does Youtube Pay on Shorts?

Youtube becomes a bit selected when it comes to Youtube Shorts monetization. Currently, youtube is paying Selected Creators in some Selected Countries, but Youtube is going to start a proper monetization program on February 1, 2023. You can read more about it by Visiting Here.

Youtube Shorts Monetization
Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

7 Tricks to Make your YouTube Shorts Viral in 2023

Below I’ve briefly explained the top 7 Tricks to Make any YouTube Shorts Viral in 2023. If you’ll follow them these tricks are going to carry the best results for you

Crispy Intro

So basically, people watch youtube shorts by scrolling through the Videos in the Short Section of the youtube app, so we’ve very less time to engage them or to force them to watch our Video. We usually have Only 2 to 3 Seconds to capture their attention. That’s why we should make a crispy intro for our YouTube Short. In these 3 Seconds, we’ve to specify what a user will get in the entire Video.

High On Energy

In the Sea of Videos, you can stop a user on your Video by making an energetic Video. A video with more energy can grab a user’s attention more than a regular & simple video. You can make your videos more energetic and attractive by using the following methods. 

  • Increase the volume of the Video
  • Use Energetic Texts with the best fonts and font sizes
  • Add Sound

This is one of the most important point to make Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023.

Bold Subtitles

When you’ll use bold subtitles on your Video, it’ll help you to keep the user on your Video. A text on any video requires more focus and attention from the user, so it hooks the viewer to watch more of it subconsciously. That’s why Big Youtubers like Alex Hormozi & Dakota Robertson always include bold subtitles in their videos.

Video Editing

Video Editing is always the soul of any online published Video. It always plays an essential role in the success or failure of any video. An Edited video can grab ten times more user attention than an unedited video. 

When you make any youtube short must put extra time into editing the Video. It’ll definitely give you the outcome & will not disappoint you. Camtasia & Filmora are best for basic Video editing for windows & you can use kineMaster & Filmora Go for Android.

Sound Effects

You can enhance your video quality and energy by using some simple Sound effects like Whooshes, Clicks & Camera Shutter. Sound effects will give Boost to your video & will help your Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

Here is the list of the top 6 websites to download free sound effects to use in Videos.

  1. Pixabay
  2. Free Loops
  3. Get-Sounds
  4. Freesound
  5. AudioMicro
  6. Orange Free Sounds


Storytelling is always an essential thing in any video. Humans have feelings. That is why we love stories. Storytelling may be used to create suspense and anticipation in your videos. A Proper story will help any type of Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023

Video Script

Even though it’s only 30 seconds long, that doesn’t mean you can cut the script. Make sure you do the proper research and remember that your short stories have different parts.

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Posting Shorts is the Easiest way to grow on YouTube.The 7 Tricks to make Youtube Shorts Viral in 2023 I mentioned above are best & using these. You can easily make your YouTube Shorts go VIRAL. Keep posting content daily and keep sharing your Youtube Shorts to get basic traffic in Start.

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