7 Techniques to Optimize the speed of WordPress Site in 2023

7 proven techniques to Optimize the speed of WordPress Site in 2023

Do you Want to boost your website’s performance and drive more traffic from search engines? If your answer is yes then here are 7 proven techniques to Optimize the speed of WordPress Site in 2023.

1. Decrease Website’s Loading Time

Google and other search engines say that the time it takes for a website to load is one of the most common and basic ways to rank it in the search results. Different big platforms and blogging experts say that a perfect website page only takes 2.5 seconds to load completely.

How to enhance website loading time:

Let’s see how we can make a slow and clunky website into a sleek and fast Rocket. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

  • Choose a hosting plan that is fast. High-traffic websites can get better support and scalability from a fast hosting plan. This is especially important for websites that see traffic spikes or plan to grow in the future.
  • The speed of your website is affected by the server response time and uptime. Think about them before you choose a hosting service. The faster the server will be, the less time it takes to respond. In the same way, the more reliable your website is, the more uptime it has.

Recommended Hosting Providers:

The top 3 hosting Provider Companies that the Market Experts recommend are the following:

Optimize the speed of the WordPress Site in 2023

2. Choose a light-Weight Theme

After hosting, choosing a theme is a big part of how quickly a website loads. Beginners often make mistakes when they choose themes for their websites, which slows them down.

So it’s best to see how well the theme works before you choose it. You can check how well the theme works by running a speed test on it. To do this, you can use the tool “Pagespeed Insights.” So, you will be able to choose a light theme that works well. The theme will play an important role to Optimize the speed of WordPress Site

Recommended Themes:

Keeping in mind the Performance, Optimization and Customization, Some light-weight & AdSense friendly themes are Following


3. Install the WP Caching plugin

Plugins can help your site load faster and rank higher in search engines, but they also make your site heavy. So, you shouldn’t put too many plugins on your website, but everyone should instal a WP Cashing Plugin to improve performance. You should only put one cache plugin on your website at a time.


Installing WordPress caching plugins helps us in the following Sectors

  • 🔸Clearing cache automatically
  • 🔸Creating static HTML versions pages
  • 🔸Reducing server load

Recommended WordPress Caching Plugins:

The best caching plugins that I personally recommend are:


4. Use CDN with your website

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to send content to users over a large number of servers around the world. It’s a great way to speed up your site and reach people all over the world.


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can speed up the time it takes for a website to load by storing files that are often requested on servers that are closer to the user. This makes the user’s experience better. So it’s best to add CDN to your website. 

Recommended CDN:

According to our Experience & Industry Experts, The two best CDN that will speed up your WordPress site are:


5. Update PHP

The speed of a website went up a lot after the PHP was updated. It leads to better performance and a page that loads faster.

A newer version of PHP also has security updates that can help keep your site safe from bugs and hacking attempts.It also ensures that your site works with the most recent versions of databases and web servers.


6. Optimize Images 

Images add beauty to your website, which draws people to it. But images that aren’t optimized can slow down your site. So it’s best to optimize them first.

Images Format:

First, the format of an image is very important when optimizing. You may have noticed that JPEG works better than PNG and speeds up the time it takes for a site to load, but Google and other experts say we should use the latest WEBP format instead of PNG or JPEG. 

Images Size:

The second important part of image optimization is the size of the image. Large images can slow down your site, so make sure to reduce the size of the image, which should be measured in KBs. You can automatically shrink the size of images with tools like imagify.

Optimize the speed of the WordPress Site in 2023
Optimize Images Optimize Images

7. Divide Comment Section into pages

When you get a lot of comments on your website, it slows down WordPress and adds to the load on your server. It is the most underappreciated way to make your website run faster. Most people don’t pay attention to separating their comment sections into pages, so it takes a long time to load.

How to Do It:

You don’t need to instal a plugin to do it because WordPress has a built-in way to divide comment sections into pages. Go to settings and change the number of comments you want each page to show.


Bonus Tips

Use Fewer Plugins:

Using fewer plugins on your WordPress site is a good way to make it faster & safer. By limiting the number of plugins you use, you can cut down on the amount of code that runs on your site and reduce the number of possible security holes. You’ll also save money because many extra plugins cost money, which can add up over time.

Use Fast Web Hosting:

Using a fast web hosting platform has a lot of benefits, such as better performance, more reliability, and better security. These platforms make it possible for websites to load faster, which cuts down on latency and makes the user experience better. Also, fast web hosting can help improve a website’s search engine ranking by making indexing go faster, which brings in more visitors. Also, fast web hosting makes it possible to add more services as needed, so businesses don’t have to worry about their websites going down or pages taking too long to load.

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Final Words on ” Optimize the speed of WordPress Site in 2023 “

In today’s post, we shared the top 7 techniques to Optimize the speed of WordPress Sites in 2023 . You can follow all the above-given methods to make your website more user friendly


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